Hirt & Carter | About Our Company


Leveraging on over 50 years’ worth of retail workflow and commercial print experience, Hirt & Carter has established itself as a leading integrator of multi-channel marketing and communication solutions. Our blend of strategic partnerships, creativity, cutting-edge print technology and industry innovation has made Hirt & Carter a prominent force for enabling advertisers, brands and marketers to effectively converse with both South African and global markets.

Markets are experiencing a collective shift in the way in which brands and businesses communicate with their target audiences when utilising print and digital channels. To maintain the optimal impact of print in these evolving times, we constantly challenge the way we do business. This dynamic process is an inclusive journey of transformation where we involve all our partners and customers. This ensures we understand their needs by maintaining open channels of communication for effective collaboration, analysis and delivery of results. Our constant innovation in line with market trends and customer needs is part of what sets Hirt & Carter a cut above.

Hirt|Carter Group is proudly a Level 4 B-BBEEE company – view certificate.

Our People

A 1000+ team of talented individuals is the backbone of our organisation. From the employee on the factory floor to top management, everyone is integral to the success of our business. Hirt & Carter takes immense pride in our family of committed and passionate enablers who immerse themselves in this kaleidoscopic industry. Embracing new technology and championing innovation ensures that we continuously move forward with our customers into frontier markets and break new ground.

Our Reach

We’ve got you covered

Hirt & Carter is one of the largest commercial and digital print companies in the Southern Hemisphere. We have facilities in the 3 major regions, ensuring closer customer engagement and delivery.

Our understanding of the market is driven by a clear segmentation of each market’s landscape. This helps us to develop solutions that best suit the job at hand and drive the highest ROI for our clients. We have also partnered with the best in class global technology providers, ensuring streamlined integration and sophisticated platforms that deliver optimum results.

We work across borders with an Africa division, servicing several multi-national companies in more than 14 countries across the continent. Our dedicated Africa team consists of both sales and operational management employees who work together to meet the demanding logistical and operational requirements of the different markets. By understanding the diversity across the key regions of the continent, we are able to identify inherent opportunities and lead the thinking and design behind innovative products that are best suited to these unique markets.

Key Elements of Africa Market Understanding:

  • Cost of doing business
  • Logistics
  • Political environments
  • Language barriers
  • Route to market
  • Market segmentation

Strategically located operations provide service at scale, which affords Hirt & Carter a substantial advantage in being able to recognise and capitalise on evolving industry dynamics that impact our customers’ needs to drive profitable growth.