Craft is a word that has become synonymous with modern-day consumer and retail trends. As popular culture continues to embrace the more “analogue” side of life, primarily in response to the overwhelmingly rapid advances and integration of technology into everyday life, the need for more authentic and tangible experiences continues to grow.
This trend continues to shape the way brands and retailers talk to their target audience in both our local market and abroad.
Our recent travels to Germany, New York and Las Vegas reaffirms that this trend is here to stay with notable advances in product customisation and crafted in-store executions. But this is merely the start of the bigger brand opportunity. While craft in its most generic sense points towards a more authentic, personal and less commercial brand execution, the true opportunity lies much earlier in the process.
Two of the fundamentals of any brands lies in its purpose and uniqueness. 
How is your brand and its offering unique in an often cluttered and confusing category? And how is this unique proposition being tailored through visual brand cues and story-telling to deeply resonate with the targeted consumers and shoppers?
As a business, we thrive on converting the right brand, consumer and category insights into an actionable shopper strategy that resonates with shopper motivations in-store. This is the space where craft moves from merely being a popular phrase to an expert manner of creating a sustainable brand identity and story.